Monday, December 10, 2012

Out of season tomatoes are the worst

Can we all agree to stop using tomatoes when they are out of season?  Twice in the past two weeks I've made the mistake of eating out of season tomatoes and I regretted it each time.  

Two weeks ago, after an incredibly long Saturday, Alan and I went to Subway, where I got myself a six inch Italian sub with all the fixings, tomatoes included.  I took one bit and could not get past the mushy feeling of the extremely gross tomatoes.  Even wonderful cured meats could not cover the taste of these so called "tomatoes!"  I felt robbed of all happiness, or at least all the happiness that a cured meat sandwich could bring me (which is a lot of happiness, really.  Boy, do I love cured meats.)

So, I don't know what mental block occurred, but I decided a week later to try another tomato.  This time, I was at brunch this past weekend at Fireflies in Del Ray.  I ordered the (to die for) quiche with a side salad.  There it was.  A simple romaine letter salad topped with croutons, Italian dressing, and two Roma tomato slices.  The tomatoes looked good enough.  They weren't mushy to the touch this time.  How bad could this be?  

I can be incredibly naive when it comes to produce.

It was terrible!  Mushy, grainy, and a hint of pesticides.  It tasted like slightly frozen, expired yogurt.  It tasted like my tongue crapped in my mouth!  There was none of that delightfully bright acidity that we all have come to expect in a good tomato.  Instead it was just a heaping pile of disappointment.  Good thing I had the quiche.  

If you see this outside the months of July through October, it is a basket full of LIES!

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