Thursday, November 29, 2012

Welcome - Why am I here?

I never thought I would do a blog.  I've thought this for a variety of reasons:  no time, nothing to say, worried about producing regular content.  I could give a laundry list of reasons why I've stayed away from producing something, but why I didn't start a blog in the past is not as important as why I am starting one now.

So why am I starting a blog now?
I graduated law school in May of this year.   That was three years of working and studying during the day and attending classes at night.  Down time was at a premium and when I did have a moment to myself, I wanted to spend it not thinking.  Not reading, not writing, not even watching scripted TV (although reality TV was fair game).  

Now, not only do I have the mental capacity to handle something, I want to.  I need a creative outlet to match my energy.  Not only that, I need practice writing and editing. Granted, this is not even close to the writing and editing that I do in my day job, it is still a chance to practice, and a fun one at that.  

What is this blog about?
Really, the name didn't give it away?  Well, if you still haven't figured it out, its about food.  All about food and my thoughts related to food - recipes, food TV, food and social events, restaurants, and random thoughts that I have that are even just tangentially related to food.

I choose food because when I did afford myself a creative outlet in law school, it was through food.  The kitchen was my studio.  And even before that, I've always had an (un)healthy obsession with anything related to food.  I think it started when I was 12 and my parents ordered the cable package that came with the Food Network.  Ten years later, while stuck on a Jet Blue flight on the tarmac at the Richmond Airport, I was trapped watching a marathon of Top Chef on Bravo (I am not kidding when I say that I saw the entire second season while waiting for my plane to take off).  That took my love of food from delightful to incredibly obsessive and it hasn't subsided since.  So I've decided to share it with the world.  

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